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  Paramedics Samantha Williams and Jay Barlow are working on an uncooperative patient in the back of an ambulance when the twenty-seven-year-old man suddenly goes into full cardiac arrest. There is no clear-cut reason for such a death in such a young man, until the hospital pathologist discovers a baseball-sized tumor in the man's brain. This is considered a very rare and unfortunate situation until Jay learns that the man's neighbor died of exactly the same thing little more than a year earlier. As the story progresses, more and more local people are diagnosed with tumors, cancer, and birth defectsfar above the average for such a small community. Jay races to find out why this is happening, enlisting the help of his friends, family, and colleagues while along the way he must deal with the demands of being a husband, father, and a paramedic. Who is killing the community and why? When the horrible truth is revealed, Jay rushes to find the killers and convince the town that they are victims of a very real and deadly plot, a plot made even more frightening because it is based on a true story.

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